2019 Class Breakdown

We are offering a Nov, Int, Exp class breakdown
for each skill level, otherwise, classes will be open (except where indicated)

All 250 to 500cc PRE 1965 Era Machines

Scrambles Lightweight: All
Pre-1965  era machines up to 250cc.

Scrambles 350:  
Pre-1965  era machines 275-350cc max (or like design).

Scrambles 500: 360-500cc machines.
Pre-1965 era.

Scrambles Heavyweight: All 600cc to 1000cc
Pre-Unit 4 -Stroke twin machines and like designs.
There are no transmission restrictions (open pipe or muffler).

“Covering Machines from 1965 to 1971 Era”

250 Classic: 250cc Two strokes manufactured from
1965 to 1971. 250cc to 310cc four stroke singles and twin cylinder engines. There is no transmission or exhaust system restrictions in this class.

500 Classic: 500cc 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke machines manufactured between
1965 and 1971.  No transmission or exhaust restrictions.

Covers all Machine manufactured up thru 1974

Sports 250: 250cc machines built up to and including 1974.

Sports 500: 500cc machines
built up to and including 1974.

Sports Open Twins: Unlimited twin class to include any and all twins manufactured
between 1965 and 1974  from 600-1000cc.

Age, Rider Specific & Masters of Momentum VINTAGE Classes thru 1975

*Reign VMX's "MASTERS OF MOMENTUM 125 VINTAGE ": Any vintage 125 motorcycle 1975 and older!

                                                                                                             Air Cooled & Drum Brakes ONLY please!

Open Age: Any eligible rider on an eligible vintage machine.

40+: Riders age 40 or older on any eligible
vintage machine.

50+: Riders age 50 or older on any eligible
vintage machine.

60+: Riders age 60 or older on any eligible
vintage machine.

70+: Riders age 70 or older on any eligible
vintage machine, and you ride FREE !

Women: Females riding any eligible
vintage machine.


*Reign VMX's "MASTERS OF MOMENTUM 125 POST-VINTAGE": Any post-vintage 125 motorcycle 1976 to 1983!

                                                                                                                        Air Cooled & Drum Brakes ONLY please!

250 Historic: 250cc machines built up to and including the 1977  model year (& like design).

500 Historic: 325-460cc two-stroke and up to 636cc four-stroke machines,
built up to and including the 1977

(& like design).

4-Stroke Historic:  4-Stroke motorcycles built up to and including the 1979  model year with up to 636cc

(& like design).

Post-Vintage Open:  Any post-vintage motorcycle up to 1983, air or water cooled, with drum brakes only!


Modern Support:  Any bikes up to current year, any age rider.

​The "Kids Ride Free" Program:  The Kids Mini Support class is for KIDS only on mini of any type.  This is an introductory to TT Scrambles type racing to our young folks and their families.  Any youngster accompanied by an adult who signs up in the Kid's PW50 Shaft Drive, Kid's 50cc Chain Driven, Kid's 65cc 7-11, Kid's 85cc/+Odd SizesKid's Mini Quad & Kid's Pull Start classes will race for FREE  throughout the 2019 season, funding provided by Rod Lake Racing  with photo awards provided by SoCal Maico to boot :)

NEW - NEW - NEW - Pull Start Kid's Classes:  presented by DL Fabrications in Riverside, CA

  • Kid's Pull Start Class:  Any kid under 12 on a vintage pull start bike.


Vonkat  "Masters of Mini" for Rider's OVER 18 year of Age!

  • Two classes:  "Up to 90cc" and "100cc to 140cc" Two or four stroke,
    air-cooled only,  no wheel over 19" - This includes the Kawasaki Klx 110 Mini's (cannot be modified over 140cc)

  • (New for 2019, the "Masters of Mini" classes will be separated by Novice, Intermediate & Expert 

Additional Adult Mini Classes
(No Ability Separation for the following):

  • CRF150F :  This class is for UNMODIFIED Honda CRF 150F's only.

  • Adult Mini:  2-Strokes up to 100cc/4-Strokes up to 150cc, air or water cooled (ie; CRF150R’s)
    **No Klx 110 minis allowed - wheels must be NO SMALLER than 14" rear, 17" front and
    NO LARGER than 16” rear, 19” front.  Must be manufactured as a mini-bike please!

  • Women Adult Mini: Any Mini bike XR’s, CRF’s, TTR’s, KLX’s, DRZ’s up to 100cc 2-Stroke or 150R liquid cooled.

  • Clydesdale Open Adult Mini:  Same as "Open Adult Mini" class except for rider's above 250 pounds...

ADULT MINI AGE NOTIFICATION  All Adult Mini classes are for rider's 18 years of age or older!

NEW - NEW - NEW - Pull Start Revenge Classes:  presented by DL Fabrications in Riverside, CA

  • Adult Pull Start Class 8: Any adult on a vintage pull start bike with 8 inch wheels.

  • Adult Pull Start Class 10:  Any adult on a vintage pull start bike with 10 inch wheels.

4-Stroke 200-230cc Support: Any 200-230cc Air-Cooled 4-Strokes, no skill level separation.

Women's Modern Support: This is an open modern support class for females riding modern bikes separated by Novice, Intermediate & Expert skill levels.

SIDECAR TT SCRAMBLES CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES: Any and All Sidecar Teams are welcome, no skill level separation.

                                                QUAD CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES: 


    Classes as follows;

  1. QUAD - Nov, Int or Expert
  2. Women's Quad "ALL" Open (NOTE: There will be no ability separation in the women's class).
  3. *Kid's Mini Quads ride for FREE thanks to Rod Lake Racing!
    (no ability separation).

OktoberFast Team Challenge "TEAM RACE"  will take place during the OktoberFast Grand Prix on

Sunday, October 13th at Glen Helen Raceway.  The OktoberFast TEAM CHALLENGE is a 60 minutes team race. 

Two riders on 1 or 2 bikes with the same #, changing every lap.  Numbers will be assigned in the order entries are received.  Pie plates will be handed out on race day.  ***Rider with highest skill level on the team will determines Team’s skill level.  Classes scored separately & by Nov, Int & Exp.
For more information, please
click here.

Please Note:  TEAM RACE Mail-In pre-registration forms can be found here.  Online registration is not available for the team race due to team structure.  Team's are encouraged to mail in pre-registration forms as we will be assigning team numbers on a first come, first serve basis.  Pie plates will be distributed at sign-up.  Teams can also sign-up on Sunday morning (race day) for additional fee as well.  If you would like to pay with PayPal, please contact Tami Greenhill at Tami@OldSchoolScramblesRacing.com.

All other classes can sign-up online line, or by mail as usual. Click herefor all single classes sign up options.

Please contact 
Questions@OldSchoolScramblesRacing.com  with your specific class questions.  We'll get back to you shortly.

Thank you!

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