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ENTRY FEES...each round.
PRE:    $45 first class; $35 additional classes
POST:  $55 first class; $45 additional classes
Kid's Mini Support Class FREE, complimentments of Rod Lake Racing

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Round 4 ~ Sunday, August 12, 2018



Don't worry, you can still post-enter on Sunday :)

Thanks to all of you who pre-entered.  We greatly appreciate it :)

NOTE:   Sign-up/Check-in is from 7-8:30am on Sunday morning.  Please be on time to sign-up.  All riders are required to take their bikes to tech inspection after they've signed up and/or checked in and recieved their transponder.  Tech inspection is done for the rider's safety and to ensure all classes entered are done so on the correct machines.  Rider's meeting is at 8:45am and practice to follow.  Late sign-ups delay the race order, thus the entire program as a whole .

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  We greatly appreiate it!