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We're introducing a new series within the OSSRG 2019 Series:
The Masters of Momentum!

It's a vintage 125cc Challenge Series
* “As the sponsor of the Reign VMX Masters of Mini,
we've watched as this series brings the largest gates of any class at

an OSSRG event” Mark Carlton of Reign VMX proclaims.  “Why?  Because it's

adult riders on kid's trail bikes with limited power. This leads to lots of bar-to-bar racing,

since the lack of power minimizes the advantages better riders have over the

others in the same class” Mark adds.

The “Masters of Momentum” (aka MoM) for 2019 has this same concept in mind.  In order to ride a 125cc bike well, it must be in the power band.  You're shifting, slipping the clutch, looking for the smooth line, the wide line: anything that keeps your momentum up.  If you're on a big bore bike and realize as you come out of a corner that you should have clicked down two gears instead of one, you roll on the throttle, and come out okay.  Shifting down one when you should have shifted down two one a 125 means you're getting passed and working your butt off to catch back up.  That's exactly what makes this a skills class. While a 250cc or open-class bike offers some forgiveness, a 125cc needs to be screaming... all the time!

To make things easy, we've broken it down into just two classes:
Vintage (1975 and older) and Post -Vintage (1976 to 1983), Air Cooled and Drum Brakes bikes ONLY please.  
One of the great things about bikes from this era is that they can be picked up for some reasonable prices, so adding a 125 to your quiver is cheap to do.

NOTE:   If you happen to have a post-vintage 125 bike that is water cooled in this era, and there were some, you'll need to race it our regular "Post-Vintage OPEN" class.  The "Masters of Momentum" 125 Challenge is reserved for the old schooled air cooled racing machines with drum brakes.

There's nothing quite like the starting gate of a 125 race: the smell of bean oil, and the sound of a thousand angry bees... so come join us and see if YOU are a Master!

Masters of Momentum T's on sale while supplies last!
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For a complete list of all the classes we have to offer, please
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we hope to see you at the races!

*The two (2) classes of the “Masters of Momentum125 Challenge Serieswill replace the 125 Classic, Sports 125 and 125 Historic classes moving into the 2019 season and will be divide by Novice, Intermediate & Expert skill levels.